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Newsletter 2020

July 30, 2020

Subject :

Are you interested in ideas for more efficient inspection?

A Laser Sensor With an Automatic Correction Function
With the IL Series, settings can be corrected automatically to optimal values that match the target status, which enables stable detection of any target.
Just Place and Press, the New Standard at Smart Factories
Dimensional inspection can be completed within 3 seconds, reducing inspection time, while eliminating user variability. Measure instantaneously by simply placing the part on a stage and clicking measure. This quick and easy solution, is becoming a standard measurement device for smart factories.
Non-contact Sheet Thickness Measurement
Looking for a safe, cost-effective alternative to conventional thickness gauges? Check out the CL-3000 series. It has a high accuracy measurement & no external technicians required
Advantages of Laser Processing
Learn the different types of laser techniques that are useful for improving processes such as boring, cutting, and sheath removal.
Improvement Examples with Code Readers
Reduce labor requirements and improve efficiency in your facility with this collection of case studies on code reading in the food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries.
Clamp-on Flow Sensors with extreme versatility
Our clamp-on flow sensor is designed to solve any kind of problem you have faced with the conventional types with complete ease. Easy to integrate into existing processes, easy setup and configuration & easy mounting with only a screwdriver
Why Switch to Digital Microscopes?
See how the VHX digital microscope can help improve your inspection processes! This guide explains the 8 main reasons why people are switching from optical to digital microscopes. How could you benefit by going digital? Find out today!
Discover the Improved Stability of KEYENCE’s Newest Vision System!
A vision system with a brand-new image capture method and improved stability with the addition of pattern projection lighting allowing you to get simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection.
Introducing a Micrometer with Exceptional Stability
This guide introduces practical applications of the TM-3000, which enables inline, highly accurate dimensional measurements that were difficult to perform with a micrometer.