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Newsletter 2020

May 07, 2020

Subject :

Info-sharing: Learn how to improve your Manufacturing Process

Reduce Marking and Processing Costs with a Laser Marker!
Laser markers emit light to mark the target, so there are no running costs associated with consumable items. They also eliminate the hassle of blade replacements and other maintenance operations during processing.
Flow Sensors with Extreme Versatility
Here is an eBook for Micro Flow Sensor We Have Been Waiting for Vol.2. This flow sensor can support monitoring various fluids, piping materials and diameters. Obtain reliable detection without requiring any pipe modifications.
Micron-Level CAD Comparisons in Just 3 Seconds
Instant comparisons with CAD data helps to ensure product quality. By importing CAD files into the IM Series, users can obtain micron-level comparisons of products to CAD in as little as 3 seconds.
Customizable Vision System
This vision system can stably detect the flaws, dents, and dirt that you have given up on detecting with conventional methods. Check out this guide for more information.
[KAIZEN] Reduce Cost & Labor
Here is a case study to learn how to reduce cost & labor by implementing code readers. This eBook offers tips for improving product readability and how to improve traceability.
Efficient Analysis, an Industry Guidebook
Digital microscopes are frequently used in a wide variety of industries. See how microscopes are used with specific industry examples. You may even discover ways to enhance your own process along the way!
Selecting a Laser Profile System
This blue laser profiler is the ideal and recommended solution to capture reliable and accurate measurements. It is capable of measuring various dimensional measurements with outstanding stability and is the fastest profiler on the market.
Safeguarding Machinery with Light Curtains
Most reliable light curtain that provides edge-to-edge protection, unique wiring options and durable housing. It is IP65/IP67 rated and can operate in the harshest manufacturing environments.
High-accuracy for Any Target at Minimal Cost!
Say goodbye to problems commonly associated with contact-type sensors! The GT2 Series offers stable measurement in any environment download this guide to learn more.