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Newsletter 2020

April 23, 2020

Subject :

New Release! Pattern Projection Lighting for Improved Stability

[NEW] Now Measure Larger Targets with LumiTrax™
This is a must-see guide for the latest vision system with the new wide area LumiTrax light. It is capable of measuring targets up to 400mm large, differentiating colour variations, and eliminating any concerns about image noise or gloss.
Self-contained Photoelectric Sensors
This sensor has an outstanding resistance to harsh environments (Oil-resistant, Waterproof, and Shock resistant) thanks to the new vacuum-packed structure. Learn more in the easy-to-read guide.
Laser Marker Installation Guidebook
Learn what types of equipment is required in order to have a successful operation. This guide also includes how to improve cycle time, how to obtain optimal marking on large targets and recommended functions depending on your setup.
Improve Customer Confidence with Instantaneous Easy-to-read Inspection Reports!
With this digital optical comparator, just place and press for instant dimension measurements.
This system can be used to create easy-to-read inspection and analysis reports featuring clear images-all with just one click!
Non-Contact Flow Sensor
Have you had problems attaching a sensor to a pipe? This Flow Sensor is the solution!
It requires no pipe modification, ensure correct dispense amount, & no need to worry about fluid leaks.
Quick and Effective Magnified Observation and Analysis
Learn how KEYENCE microscopes can be used in various industries. For applications like failure/defect analysis to fractures/cracks and coating analysis.
Learn the Basics of 2D Codes!
Two-dimensional codes contains information in both the vertical and horizontal directions, enabling coding of several hundred times more data than a barcode. Download the guide for more information.
OK vs. No Good Sensor Selection Guide
Complete solution for all of your judgement application needs: Vision Sensor with Built-in AI and an Image based Laser Sensor. Learn the capabilities for both and determine when to select each sensor based on application.
A Must-See Guide on Inspection Applications
The switch to electric cars is expected to continue accelerating. This guide showcases the inspections and measurements that are vital for manufacturing key parts of electric cars.