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Newsletter 2020

February 12, 2020

Subject :

[9] Popular Application Guidebooks

A Breakthrough in Measurement Systems
If you are using a measuring microscope, CMM, or caliper, this article will bring you to another world of measurement with its place and press methods. Download this guide to see what this machine can do.
Eliminate Machine Vision Problems by This Unique Lighting System!
Have you ever encountered problems with failed inspections due to gloss, varying target positions or ambient lighting? To solve these difficult imaging issues, we developed the LumiTrax™ lighting system allowing for stable, high-speed detection unaffected by colour, pattern, noise or gloss. Download the guide to learn more.
Open Field Network Unit
With this Network Communication Unit, only two wires are required to supply power to all connected sensors. Sensor status can be monitored on an HMI, PLC, or PC. Making it easier to detect problems before an error occurs. Download the guide for more information.
[New] Examples of Laser Marking for Electric Vehicles
With electric vehicles becoming the new wave. Ever wondered how laser marker are used on electric vehicles? Download this guide for detailed application examples.
[VHX] Digital Microscope Success Stories
Over 20,000 companies around the world use the VHX Series. From universities, manufacturing, research facilities and much more. Download this guide for more industry specific application examples.
Examples of Improvement with Code Readers
This collection of barcode reader applications will give you hints to help you obtain greater efficiency and labor savings at your worksite. Download the guide for more information.
The Importance of Dealing with Static Electricity and Basic Knowledge for Doing So
To effectively deal with static electricity, it is important to find its cause. This guide will teach you how to measure static electricity and maximum electric charge, download the guide to learn more.
Mount and Monitor Micro Flow in Seconds
Have you had trouble installing a flow sensor in the past? Look no further, the FD-X series can be installed with no pipe alterations, no additional equipment, and no leakage. Download this guide to learn where flow sensors can be utilized.
Why Select a Laser Profile Measurement System?
This Laser Profiler has a blue laser that enables it to capture more reliable, higher accuracy measurements than conventional devices and all at record-breaking speeds. Download this technical guide for more information.