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Newsletter 2020

January 29, 2020

Subject :

Use these Little Tactics to Enhance your Process

The World's First 4K Ultra-High Accuracy Microscope
Observe with optimal balance of brightness & clarity. The images can be saved and shared easily. Capable of performing wide variety of measurements with one single device. You can find application examples in this catalog.
Improve your Operation with Code Scanners
This Barcode Scanner reads multiple codes in the same field of view and at different heights, while processing the codes faster than before.
A Measurement System that Helps You Reduce Your Defect Rate
Inspection prior to mass production is very important in maintaining product quality. This Image Dimension Measurement System can optimize inspection prior to mass production, thereby reducing the rate of manufacturing defects.
Advantages of Laser Processing
Learn the different types of laser techniques that are useful for improving processes such as boring, cutting, and sheath removal.
Digital Laser Sensor
This long-range sensor detects using a light beam reflected from the target. The visible beam of the laser helps to ensure simple alignment and easy installation. We have a wide range of models available see the guide for more information.
2D Measurement Systems for Inline Inspections
Use this guide to learn how 2D measurement systems can help you improve the automation of your production lines.
Why Do People Choose our Vision System?
The automation of visual inspections is progressing quickly. Conventional vision systems are limited in their ability to handle subtle colour changes and inspection conditions. This guide highlights a variety of inspection methods that can be performed with just one light!
Robust Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
The GL-R Series Light Curtain is highly durable and resistant to impacts in spite of its compact size. It is also resistant to dirt and is a great solution to be used in harsh environments.
A Sensor with Optimal Detection Capabilities
KEYENCE has released our most powerful difference checking sensor, which tracks targets even if their positions are misaligned and does not make any false detections even when targets are the same color/material. See this guide for a comparison with conventional sensors.