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          Newsletter 2019

          December 18, 2019

          Subject :

          Go Lean! Reduce Production Waste and Boost your Productivity

          Latest High-Accuracy, Low-Cost Contact Sensors!
          Perform over 200 million measurements with this high-precision contact probe.
          This sensor is graded IP67, making it environmentally resistant.
          And the cable is made of a highly flexible material that is designed to withstand continuous bending.
          Reasons why people choose our vision system
          Auto-Teach Inspection Tools are capable of determining variations and differences that exist in good parts. It can then recognize those that fall outside of these parameters that are considered NG.
          Multi-Spectrum provides outstanding control of colour, shape, gloss, and target variability.
          Innovative Industry using a Digital Microscope
          Capture and save raw images, videos, and measurement data.
          Perform Real-Time-Measurements on parts.
          View large depth of field with high-resolution [4K] and brightness.
          Stand Alone Laser System
          Marks on flat surfaces and 3D shapes in minutes.
          Marking lot numbers, 2D codes, and other information has become a breeze.
          Select the optimal laser light for your application like deep engraving, black-annealed, and cutting.
          1D/2D Code Readers- Examples of production increase
          Read codes at twice the reading distance of conventional barcode.
          Wide field of view makes it possible to read multiple codes at once.
          Built-in code verification, this function makes it possible to verify codes immediately after marking.
          High-Precision Measurement with our Confocal Sensor
          Perform precise distance measurement with this sensor.
          Measure a variety of materials and shapes with high accuracy.
          [All Purpose] Robust Laser Sensor
          This sensor is capable of detecting on uneven, dark, metal, shiny, or even rough surfaces.
          Its stainless steel housing offers a reliable solution in harsh areas including dust build up and wash down.
          Complex Measurements in Seconds
          Automatically detect and measure components without having to change programs.
          Its shop floor ready space-saving design has also received rave reviews.
          A wide stage (300mm x 200mm) allowing more small components to be loaded for rapid batch analysis.

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          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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