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          Newsletter 2019

          December 04, 2019

          Subject :

          Your Manufacturing Dilemmas Solved!

          Examples of Improvement with Code Readers
          A field of view 4x wider compared to conventional models makes for easy reading of multiple codes and varying code positions.
          Using Multi-Spectrum Lighting to Solve Inspection Problems!
          Have you ever experienced any of the following problems with a vision system: difficulty differentiating between subtle differences in colour or having to change the lighting conditions according to the inspection items?
          If you answered yes to any of these questions please click the brochure to learn now they can be solved.
          Ultra-High-Speed Laser Displacement Sensor
          Laser displacement sensors need speed, accuracy, and the capability to provide excellent performance in any application. To meet this need, our sensor was custom built with the latest innovative technology. Click on the brochure to learn more.
          The Next Era of Digital Microscopy
          Equipped with an Optical Shadow Effect mode, this digital microscope is capable of visualizing micron level defects at low magnification, allowing for fast, easy inspection. This system offers a full 4k display, with 108-megapixel imaging and can even be fully automated!
          A Clamp-on Minimal Flow Sensor
          We are proud to announce our new series of clamp-on flow sensors that support minimal flows and small apertures.
          1. Achieves high accuracy, even without contacting the fluid; repeatability: ┬▒0.1% of F.S.
          2. Supports various fluids, including those with high viscosity
          3. Supports resin (soft/hard) and metal pipes
          4. Compact body for minimal space requirements
          A Unique Hybrid Laser Marker
          This Hybrid Laser Markers incorporate a built-in camera, aiding the measurement of distance to the target, the display of the marking target, and the reading of marked codes.
          Identify the part position and measure the right spot every time
          With conventional sensors and vision systems, checking for differences is troublesome. However, with our difference-checking sensor, achieving stable detection even for troublesome applications is easy. Check out this brochure for actual detection examples.
          Just Place and Press
          Our place-and-press inspection makes measurement easy for anyone. Even users with no special skills can obtain highly accurate micrometer-level measurements.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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