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          Newsletter 2019

          July 02, 2019

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          Substantial Improvement for In-process Dimension Inspections
          Drastically improve measurement efficiency using our Instant Measurement system, capable of measuring up to 100 targets at once with a push of a button.
          Are you looking to Improve Die Cutting?
          Have you ever experienced product damage or quality problems during gate cutting or punching of parts using a die?
          Check out page 3 of the guide to learn the benefits of laser cutting.
          Robust Safety Light Curtains
          Are you looking for a highly durable Safety Light Curtain that is resistant to dirt, perfect in harsh environments and has an easy optical axis alignment? See page 6 of the guide to learn more about the smart technology.
          Do you have an application for a Laser Profile Sensor?
          This guide shows the advantages of using a 2D/3D laser profile sensor to inspect for height, width, and volume. Learn how automating your dimensional inspection can improve cycle time.
          3D Profile Measurement Textbook for the Screw Industry
          This guide includes measurement examples with detailed introductions of various facets of 3D measurement for screws, including standards, terminology, and processing methods.
          Countermeasures for Sensor Problems!
          Would you like to improve your worksite with an environment-resistant laser sensor that supports a wide range of detections such as target height, run-out, positioning, thickness, and flatness? Check out page 3 of the guide for application examples.
          [New Product] The World's First 4K Microscope
          KEYENCE has released a highly anticipated new product in our VHX Series of Digital Microscopes, which are in use at more than 20,000 companies and universities worldwide.  Based on user feedback we've updated every aspect of the system including the camera, lens, controller, and stage. This allows images to be captured with a clarity and ease that was impossible before now...
          Enables Inspections With Simultaneous 2D and 3D Image Processing!
          KEYENCE is proud to introduce a vision system that rewrites the book on inline inspections!
          Adding height data to 2D inspections dramatically increases their stability by eliminating the influence of the target's contrast and surface conditions.
          Basic Use of 2D Codes
          Learn the different types of 2D codes used for various applications. Refer to page 8 of the guide to see how to structure QR Codes.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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