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          Newsletter 2019

          January 29, 2019

          Subject :

          One-stop Solution for Inspections

          A Vision System That Makes Auto-Teach Inspections Possible!
          By using the Auto-Teach Inspection Tool, you can obtain stable inspections with effortless setup.
          [One-stop Solutions] for Traceability Systems from KEYENCE
          KEYENCE provides solutions for 2D codes that enable both fast/clear marking and accurate/ stable reading. Learn about the advantages of working with a company that provides solutions for both marking and reading.
          [Now for Sale] Perform Various 3D Measurements With One Unit!
          Visualize differences by making comparisons against CAD data.
          This unit enables various automatic measurements and adjustments of points, lines, and surfaces with a single click.
          Digital Microscope Impact
          Hear how the VHX is impacting R&D, failure analysis, and quality control in your industry from our customers.
          [Problem Solving Safety Laser Scanner]
          Solution 02: Check what caused the emergency stop and detection history with this system. It comes with a Built-In Camera and History Detection.
          Improving Production Efficiency at Your Facilities
          Have you seen drops in production efficiency at any of your facilities?
          This guide introduces differentiation sensors that can be used to investigate the causes of and counteract decreases in efficiency.
          [A Dimension Measurement System That Can Be Used Anywhere]
          This system makes it possible to easily inspect dimensions of parts such as processed metal parts and plastic molded parts on the worksite or in your office.
          [New Product] Ultra-Compact Displacement Laser
          KEYENCE's newly developed a system to measure a variety of materials and shapes with high accuracy. This guide is a must-see for anyone who wants to increase the reliability of their quality inspections.
          Simplify Traceability with KEYENCE Laser Markers
          This guide introduces full traceability systems using laser markers. It includes marking codes on parts, reading codes, managing information and more. Learn how to implement traceability systems at your facility.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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