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          Newsletter 2019

          January 02, 2019

          Subject :

          9 Trendy Products for Canadian Companies

          [New Product] The New Standard in 3D Profile Measurement Systems
          The VR-5000 converts surface profiles into 3D images in just 1 second.
          ·Automatically adjusts the width, height, and brightness while performing the conversion.
          ·Perform Flatness and Warpage inspection with this non-contact 3D surface profiler
          All-in-One: Traceability Solutions
          Turnkey Solution with KEYENCE Laser Markers and Code Readers.
          ·Fast decode time
          ·Fast tuning
          ·Auto focus

          From implementing direct part marking to code grading - we are here every step of the way.
          Basic Dimensional Measurement Knowledge
          This guide uses our digital microscope measurement software to provide easy-to-understand explanations of basic knowledge about dimensional measurement and techniques for its application.
          ·Understand image stitching and edge detection
          ·Focus adjustment and calibration
          Clamp-on Flow Sensor, No Pipe Cutting Required
          Supports 1 ½" to 8" Outside Pipe Diameter
          Clamp-on flow sensors are the way of the future.
          ·Easy to install with no need to cut pipes High accuracy and long-term stability; measurement accuracy: ±2.0% of RD
          ·Works on any liquid (oil, water)
          100 Simultaneous Dimension Inspections
          IM Series Dimension Measurement Systems can simultaneously measure up to 100 targets on the stage with micron level accuracy:
          ·Automatic inspection report
          ·CAD files importing and exporting
          ·XYZ measurements

          Put it to use to improving yield rates, reducing launch periods, and improving quality.
          Our Latest Vision Sensor Applications
          ·A small inspection camera that can capture images with high intensity and high performance lenses.
          ·*NEW* OCR function
          ·Fast & Easy Installation (set up in 1 minute)

          It is perfect for any process where sensor malfunctions are prevalent, and target misalignment is an issue.
          The Latest Automation Examples Using Vision Systems
          ·What inspection method is best?
          ·What sort of inspections can be automated?

          This guide introduces successful inline automation examples that answer these questions.
          Laser Marker Applications in the Automotive Industry
          Engine Room Edition
          How are laser markers used for marking automotive engine parts?
          This guide explains five applications.
          Why you should choose our 2D Measurement System?
          ·Measure the width, interval, position, and other dimensions at multiple locations.
          ·Learn the reasons why you need to automate your production line.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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