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          Newsletter 2017

          June 20, 2017

          Subject :

          Simplify difficult inspections with cutting-edge measurement systems and sensors

          Measuring Made Easy
          Do you work with objects that are difficult to measure using an optical comparators? Our instant measurement system can take measurements quickly, easily, and accurately. Place parts on the stage, push the button, and receive all your measurements in just a matter of seconds! Download the catalog to learn more.
          Making the Switch to Non-Contact Measurement
          ·100% Inspection
          ·Reduce Cycle Time
          ·Eliminate Operator Error

          All of these are possible with a non-contact measurement sensor. Download the guide below to learn more about how you can start making these improvements today!
          A Contact Sensor with a Lifetime of Over 200 Million Cycles
          Think that contact sensors are disposable tools that easily break down? Think again: KEYENCE has created a contact sensor that can withstand even the harshest environments and has a lifetime of over 200 million cycles.
          CASE STUDY - KEYENCE Laser Marker
          BorgWarner now enjoys the KEYENCE advantages of being able to auto-focus and verify 2D codes, using the built-in camera on the MD-X laser marker. Download this customer testimonial to learn how these features will keep them a KEYENCE customer long-term.
          Download this customer testimonial to learn about how these features will keep them as a satisfied KEYENCE customer for the long-term.
          Learn About the Latest Advancements in Microscopy
          This up-to-date guide contains 30 pages of illustrations and explanations of topics like the optical mechanisms of zoom lenses, lighting techniques, and the latest digital observation technology.
          Difficulty Detecting Targets with Harsh Angles?
          The LR-T Series provides highly stable detection on angled or rounded targets that conventional sensors can't handle. Due to its impressive processing power and distance -based sensing technology which eliminate false trips, missed targets, or instability.
          Implement Vision Systems for Improved Visual Inspections
          Although the human eye excels at detecting defective items, it still suffers from serious weaknesses:

          ·Subjective judgment criteria
          ·Impossible on high-speed lines
          ·Details easily overlooked
          ·Difficult to manage the inspection history

          Download our tips to successfully overcome these flaws with our vision systems.
          [New Product] Batch Reading of Multiple Codes
          Batch reading can simplify the task of reading multiple codes. For example, with electronic components (2D codes with a cell size of 0.19 mm) it is possible to read 15 to 50 codes at the same time.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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