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          Newsletter 2017

          June 06, 2017

          Subject :

          Know-How-To Guides to Learn how to Increase Productivity

          [NEW!] KEYENCE's Latest & Greatest Barcode Reader: The SR-2000
          All of our accumulated know-how and advanced technology has been combined to produce this incredible code reader.
          The SR-2000 has capabilities that are at least twice those of conventional code readers, including field of view, reading distance and depth of field.
          Best Measuring Practices for Cutting, Pressing, and Resin Molding
          Use these guides to study the basics, precautions, and best measuring practices for cutting, pressing and resin molding.
          What Separates the LJ-V Series from the Other 2D/3D Profilers?
          With dozens of profilers available, it can be hard to choose one that will provide a lasting solution for your application. Download the catalog below to learn about the main technological advancements that differentiates us from conventional laser profilers.
          A Textbook about the Mechanisms of Static Electricity Problems
          Before you can take efficient measures against static electricity, you first have to understand it. This handbook provides easy-to-understand explanations of a wide range of topics, from the mechanism of static electricity generation to measures that suit different worksites.
          Dependable Industry-Proof Laser Markers
          In KEYENCE's lineup of laser markers, we have one that is a perfect fit for your application. Looking for high-speed, high-quality, or deep engraving? Want to mark on plastic, metal, glass or gold? We can achieve all of these and more. Download this guide to check out our selection.
          Superiority of KEYENCE's Digital Microscope
          This guide introduces the advantages of KEYENCE's digital microscope, while highlighting why it is superior to other conventional microscopes on the market. For example, regardless of experience, our user-friendly microscope can be used to obtain fully focused images instantly.
          Other advantages of KEYENCE's Microscopes include, but not limited to:

          ·Depth of field that is 20x larger than optical microscopes
          ·0.1x to 5000x magnification range
          Position, Contrast & Transparency Detection
          Tackle any application with the new LR-ZH Series. Detect dark, metal, and even transparent targets all with a single sensor.
          Machine Vision System:
          Engineer Know-how Vol. 1
          ·How to cancel variations in surface conditions for stable inspections
          ·How to detect only foreign particles without being affected by target shape

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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