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          Newsletter 2016

          September 13, 2016

          Subject :

          Learn New Tricks for Industry Automation and Quality Control

          [New Product] Ultra-compact Heads Added to the GT2 Lineup of Tough Contact Sensors
          This sensor is resistant to water and oil and has a durability of over 200 million cycles. The addition of a compact 39-mm head and a dedicated PC software allows the GT2 Series sensors to be used in harsher environments and with more devices. Please check out the entire lineup.
          Machine Safety Made Easy
          Machine guarding is easier than ever with the SZ-V Series Safety Scanner. Set up requires no special skills and is done in minutes.
          19 Ways to Reduce Inspection Time
          Have you ever wanted to measure the dimensions of complex workpiece quickly, easily, and accurately? This guide is a must-read for Quality Control!
          Five Reasons to Switch from Dial and Height Gauges to Non-contact Digital Measurement Systems
          Why are many people switching over to non-contact measurement systems? Read the documentation below  for a clear explanation of the advantages of non-contact solutions that can improve productivity.
          Traceability in the Automotive Industry
          Automotive manufacturers and part suppliers have stressed the importance of establishing traceability using 2D code marking. Download this guide to see why KEYENCE laser markers are the best solution for direct part marking in the automotive industry.
          The Power of Images: Defect Analysis
          Have you ever been in the situation where you and a customer have different opinions about defect cause? Solve this with the power of images taken by a KEYENCE digital microscope.
          Reading Multiple Barcodes at the Same Time
          This barcode reader has a wide field of view that is four times larger than conventional products. This makes it possible to read multiple barcodes on parts and manufacturing instructions as a batch with simple settings.
          Build-Up Resistant Sensor
          The PX Series features an incredibly high-powered beam to blast through any kind of build-up, spray, or debris.
          Using Color for More Reliable Vision System Inspections
          For reliable vision inspection it is always better to use color cameras creating a high contrast image for a more accurate detection. Download now to learn how to use color cameras.

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          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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