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          Newsletter 2016

          June 14, 2016

          Subject :

          Endless Opportunities with KEYENCE Products- Download Technical Guides and Product Brochures

          [NEW!] Safety Laser Scanner with a Built-in Camera
          World's first safety laser scanner with an integrated camera! Wait until you see what else the SZ-V can do.
          The Maintenance-Free Contact Sensor
          The GT2 Series defies the conventional wisdom that periodic maintenance is a necessity.

          Excellent durability:
          ·Typical lifespan can reach 150 million cycles or more
          ·Water, oil and dust resistant

          The GT2 Series also eliminates the need to adjust the origin and can be easily used by anyone.
          Dependable Industry-Proof Laser Markers
          In KEYENCE's lineup of laser markers, we have one that is a perfect fit for your application.
          Looking for high-speed, high-quality, or deep engraving? Want to mark on plastic, metal, glass, or gold? We can achieve all of these and more. Download this guide to check out our selection.
          Learn Now: How to avoid Barcode Reading Defects
          This guide explains how to solve common defects such as:

          ·Barcodes are marked correctly but cannot be read.
          ·Data is missing from the ITF code data that is read.
          Learn New Uses for Digital Microscopes
          This guide introduces these below and other useful microscope observation techniques.

          ·Measurement of large samples
          ·Observation of metal structures
          ·Endoscope observation
          Precise Measurements done within Seconds
          KEYENCE's IM Series has incorporated several different lighting options that allow users to measure surface-lit features that couldn't be measured before with conventional coaxial illumination. Just place and press, and the system will automatically apply any illumination settings to measure dozens of features instantly.
          A Beginner's Guide to your First Vision System
          ·What equipment do I need for machine vision inspections?
          ·What lighting should I use?
          ·Is lighting direction important?
          ·How do I select the correct lens?

          The latest issue of our beginner's guide answers questions like these and more.
          What Separates the LJ-V Series from Other 2D/3D Profilers?
          With dozens of profilers available, it can be hard to choose one that will provide a lasting solution for your application. Download the catalog below to learn about five of the many technologies that differentiate us from conventional laser profilers.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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