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          Newsletter 2016

          March 29, 2016

          Subject :

          What makes the measurements from KEYENCE's TM so STABLE?

          What makes the measurements from KEYENCE's TM so STABLE?
          The attached illustrates how to accomplish 100% inspection of common measurements, such as outer diameter, gap, and height difference. These guides provide a technical explanation for these measurements, with an approach that is exceptionally stable and accurate.

          KEYENCE can help you improve your measurement accuracy and tact time, in result reducing your costs.
          The KEYENCE Laser Marking Advantage
          KEYENCE has over 20 years of laser marking integration experience. Our unique systems are designed to save you time and money from the initial concept to installation and even future potential use with an industry leading diode life expectancy. This catalog lays out 32 distinctive advantages of our laser markers.
          Learn About the Latest Advancements in Microscopy
          This up-to-date guide contains 30 pages of illustrations and explanations of topics such as the optical mechanisms of zoom lenses, lighting techniques, and the latest digital observation technology.
          Expert Vision System Techniques Vol. 2
          This guide introduces advanced machine vision and illumination techniques, as well as the concepts behind these techniques:

          ·How can you eliminate the influence of background characters to detect improper labeling?
          ·How can you inspect the entire surface of cylindrical targets with one camera?

          Techniques and the concepts behind the use of several illumination methods.
          High Performance
          Distance-Based Sensor
          The GV Series offers industry leading detection stability. It is unaffected by color, surface type, or finish.
          [NEW!] High-Speed Wireless Handheld DPM Code Reader!
          An innovative handheld barcode reader defies convention. Quickly reads difficult codes and configure reading settings with ease. KEYENCE'S first wireless handheld barcode reader combines the capability of a fixed mount reader.
          A Vision Sensor Designed to Be Simple
          This sensor can be configured in just three simple intuitive steps - defying conventional beliefs about vision-based automation. This user-friendly sensor can detect details such as presence, color, and shape in up to 16 unique locations at once.
          Dimensional Measurement Improvement Examples
          High quality is required for automotive and smartphone components. These guides introduce you the secrets to improving the accuracy and speed of your dimensional measurements.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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