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          Newsletter 2015

          April 21, 2015

          Subject :

          Beginner's Guide to Displacement Sensors

          KEYENCE Beginner's Guide to Displacement Sensors
          Have you ever chosen the wrong measurement sensor? Sometimes a little knowledge can go a long way. Don't waste your time and money. Learn the basics of displacement sensors and choose like a pro!
          Inspections in Seconds: Dimensional Measurement Learning Examples
          The IM-Series image dimension measurement system performs up to 99 dimensions in 3 seconds with micron-level precision and repeatability. Download our new technical guide for more details on how this technology can be used in your facility.
          Three Key Functions for Better Inspection & Product Development
          See what capabilities give engineers the upper hand in R&D, QC, and FA applications.
          An "All In One," Any Situation Pressure Sensor
          The GP-M Can Tackle the Toughest Hydraulic or Pneumatic Applications with Spot-On Accuracy
          NEW: Reduce Costs with KEYENCE's GT2-P Air Push Type Contact Sensor!
          With the air push type, the GT2's spindle is actuated by compressed air. This allows for space-saving installation and greatly reduces the number of components required for operation. This in turn leads to significant reductions in costs and in time spent designing complex mounting jigs.
          Laser Technology Introductory Guide
          Our popular laser marking guide provides easy-to-understand explanations of KEYENCE Laser Marking technology. Laser generation, oscillation methods, wavelengths and marking effects are all covered in our latest guide. Download now to see how our technical guide can help you to understand more about lasers and how they fit into your production process.
          Machine Vision Inspection Solutions: Edge Detection
          This guide will show you how edge detection algorithms can help solve your vision application needs. The edge vision tools are very effective for detecting position as well as measurement of dimensions, widths and angles. Understanding the edge detection principles will allow you to effective use the tools for a variety of applications including appearance inspection and differentiation of product type.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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