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          Newsletter 2015

          February 23, 2015

          Subject :

          If You Could Increase Your Throughput By 6x - Would You?

          If You Could Increase Your Throughput By 6x - Would You?
          KEYENCE has developed a non-contact 2D blue laser profiler that performs quality and dimensional check on parts in-line without stopping or slowing your process. A 64 kHz sampling rate allows you to move faster than most single point sensor while giving the flexibility to perform several measurements at once. Download the brochure along with 2 valuable technical guides explaining what you need to get started.
          Machine Guarding Simplified
          Machine safety should not be intimidating. These products are why.
          Time-Saving Solutions for Researchers & Analysts!
          Are you using multiple microscopes for different applications in research and analysis? KEYENCE's digital microscope combines the advantages of all these microscopes in a single unit to enable viewing, image capturing, and measurements that anyone can perform easily.
          Durable Contact Sensors Now Air-Actuated!
          The GT2 Series – already recognized for its slim ø8 mm body, high accuracy, and robust build -- can now be actuated by air! Introducing the GT2-PA, the pencil-type airpush model. Employing the airpush type allows the user to eliminate complex mounting jigs which need to be moved in order to measure a passing part. These jigs can introduce inaccuracies in a process and often cost thousands of dollars to install and maintain.
          Automatic Calculation of Virtual Line Measurements with the Image Dimension Measurement System
          The IM Series image dimension measurement system can perform measurements of virtual lines—which have conventionally required manual calculations—in just 3 seconds!
          Download of the Complete Set of 100 Questions & Answers about Laser Markers
          This collection of questions and answers contains a variety of information such as basic knowledge and installation precautions for laser markers as well as information on useful functions that are not widely known. Don't miss this chance to download the complete set!

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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