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          Newsletter 2015

          February 10, 2015

          Subject :

          Vision System Image Processing: Color Extraction Methods

          Vision System Image Processing: Color Extraction Methods
          This technical guide explains how color image processing can improve your machine vision inspection applications. Learn how color cameras work and the processing methods used to analyze the captured images like Color to Binary, RGB Grayscale, Color to Gray and Fine Color processing.
          A New Guide for Measuring Large Targets!
          In this guide you will find tips on how to measure large targets with precision.
          Comprehensive Electronics & Semiconductor Inspection Guide – Microscope Edition
          Learn about imaging and analysis techniques used in the electronics industry with actual customer examples.
          NEW Innovative Code Reader Achieves Successful Reads over a Meter Away
          Say goodbye to different models and lenses; The SR-1000 Series of 1D and 2D code readers is able to achieve nearly a meter of reading range with a single model.
          Fully Automatic - Just Place and Press to Perform 99 Dimensional Measurements Instantly!
          A dimension measurement system that anyone can use easily without difficult settings. We hope that you will take a look at the catalog for detailed applications and technological information. This is a must-read for anyone who is using optical comparators and measuring microscopes and for anyone who is concerned about the difficult settings required of devices such as CNCs.
          Cut Your Sensor Stock in Half
          With increased repeatability and durable (stainless steel) housing, the LR-Z series is the replacement for most detection sensors in major manufacturing facilities.
          Reflective Sensors Failing to Perform? Solve Difficult Applications Easily with This Vision Sensor!
          Because the IV images the whole surface of the target, it can easily solve the following problems which are common among reflective sensors.

          Unstable detections due to position misalignment
          Unstable detections due to variable work piece orientation
          Inability to perform simultaneous detections in multiple locations
          Bothersome sensor adjustments during retooling

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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