The software and all data (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Software") that becomes downloadable through your agreement with the provisions of this license agreement are licensed free of charge to the customer by KEYENCE. This license agreement applies to KEYENCE software and copies of KEYENCE software that have been created in accordance with this license agreement.

1. The copyright for the software provided on this website and all related materials and copies of the software created in accordance with this license agreement belong to KEYENCE.

2. Excluding instances of use within a company, the unauthorized duplication, selling, transfer, or lending to a third party of the software provided on this website is strictly prohibited.

3. There is no guarantee that values extracted from drawing elements belonging to the downloaded CAD data will match the actual product. Also, KEYENCE can change the contents as well as the specifications of its software and registered products without giving prior notice to the customer. Additionally, KEYENCE assumes no responsibility for any damages caused directly or indirectly to the customer, or any repercussions that cause damage as a result of using the software.

4. This agreement takes effect once the customer has downloaded this CAD data. In the event that the customer has violated this agreement, KEYENCE holds the right to immediately cancel the agreement. In the event that this agreement is terminated, the customer forfeits the right to use the software as permitted by KEYENCE in accordance with this agreement and the software and all copies of the software must be returned to KEYENCE or deleted.