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Benefits of switching from contact to non-contact thickness inspections
·Reduce inspection and cycle time
·Eliminates operator error
·Enables highly accurate measurements of soft targets
IoT Solutions with Sensors for the Automotive Industry
At KEYENCE, we use a variety of sensors for IoT-related purposes.
This guide introduces actual examples of the IoT being used in the automotive industry.
Are you having issues with safety area scanners?
Common Concern: Conventional area scanners require a laptop to see the set zone map and knowing what triggered the area scanner is difficult.
Solution: Our SZ-V area scanners have LCD display screen to see the zone set. This screen is detachable for remote mounting and it also has optional camera function to take a picture or video the of detection event.
Turn your Microscope into a Digital Microscope
KEYENCE's digital microscope can be connected to any type of microscope. This guide introduces details of how you can prevent your existing microscopes from going to waste and increase their utilization.
**Application Examples for Wide-Area 3D Measurement System**
Check out this guide to see application examples using our 3D Measurement System.
Industries included:
·Electrical/Electronic Parts
·Pressed Parts
·Automotive Components
Use This Measurement System to Reduce First off Time
This measurement system can easily perform complicated measurements that use virtual lines or radius inspections, such as circularity and true position. It can reduce first off time dramatically, increasing production or decreasing scrap!
Adding Value with Code Readers
Use this guide to alleviate your concerns related to code readers. If you are suffering from even one of the concerns in this guide, you can add new value by following the guide's tips to improve that item.
***NEW Laser Marking 2D Code Textbook***
·Advantages of marking products with 2D codes
·The know-how required to perform high-quality marking
·This is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve product traceability
Implementing Vision Systems to Improve Visual Inspections
The human eye excels at detecting a variety of defective items, but also has serious weaknesses:
·Subjective judgment criteria
·Impossible on high-speed lines
·Difficult to manage the inspection history

Click this guide to learn how to improve these issues.
Missed the previous issue? The contents are available below.
[Easy Configuration Guide] Tips for Vision Sensors
Are you having trouble performing profile measurements?
Dimensional Inspection of Low Volume, High Mix Production
Learn Image Processing Basics in Just 10 Minutes (Lighting Edition)
Are you looking to Improve Die Cutting?
** Kaizen Examples **-Code Readers
Robust Safety Light Curtains
Why you should choose our 2D Measurement System?
Switching from Optical Microscopes to Digital Microscopes
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