Simple 3D Measurement
and Inspection!

XG-X Series Vision System
First All In One 3D Solution

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NEW Profile and Continuous Profile
for 3D Measurement


  • OCR
  • Orientation
  • Presence/Absence


  • 3D Measurement
  • Flatness and Warpage
  • High Resolution
Target 2D inspection 3D inspection solves it!
Reading was not stable using only intensity information.
Not affected by background or noise
Canceling uneven backgrounds allows for stable OCR inspection.
With 2D inspection, it is impossible to determine height information.
Quantifying height information
3D inspection of the terminals allows for judgment based on height.
Inspection was not stable using only intensity information.
Checking X, Y, and Z with one unit
Adding the height (Z) information to X/Y information enables inspection using volume or cross sectional area.
Depending on the background color, low contrast inspection is not stable.
Not affected by contrast
Unlike conventional detection based on contrast differences in intensity information, profile changes and breaks can be detected easily.

NEW 3D Geometry Toolset

Perform 3D geometric operations for complex-shaped objects with ease

  • Point/Line Distance
  • Angle Between Line and Plane
  • Line Intersection/Plane Distance
  • Angle Between Two Planes

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CV-X/XG-X Series Inline 3D inspection image processing system LJ-V connection-compatible Catalogue

CV-X/XG-X Series Inline 3D inspection image processing system LJ-V connection-compatible Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:8.88MB

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