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Q1-1. Which contact sensor (or gauge probe) brand are you mainly using? (required)
Q1-2. What is the most common stroke length? (required)
Q1-3. How many contact sensors (or gauge probes) are you now using in your plant? (required)
Q1-4. How many contact sensors (or gauge probes) does your plant purchase anuually? (required)
Q1-5. What is the purchasing price of a typical probe package (including controller, cables, etc)? (required)
Q1-6. How is your contact sensor (or gauge probe) mainly mounted to the machine?
Q1-7. In General, what is that contact sensor (or gauge probe) connected to? (required)
Q1-8. How does the contact sensor (or gauge probe) transfer data? (required)
Q1-9. Do you use PC software? What kind of software are you using? Please select one from below. (required)
Q1-10. When you need to change the settings (ex: changing the tolerance) inside your software, how would you do that? (required)
Q1-11. If the software itself was easy enough to do everything by yourself, would it be a benefit? (from the point of view of decreasing cost) If you could change or fix the settings of the software by yourself, please select "We do it by ourself". (required)
Q1-12. Do you have any current plans about purchasing contact sensors (or gauge probes)? (required)
Q2-1. How is that contact sensor (or gauge probe) connected to it? (required)
Q2-2. Do you have any contact sensors (or gauge probes) connected to PC's? If it could be done easily, are there any places you would like to? (required)
Q2-3. Do you have any current plans to purchase contact sensors (or gauge probes)?
Q2-4. When planning to use, or maybe replacing contact sensors (or gauge probes) you are now using, what would be the most important point for you? (required)

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