Machine Guarding Solutions: Safety Light Curtain

Durable Housing Built to Last

Innovative Options
that Minimize Wiring

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Maximum safety standard [Type4] [SIL3] [PLe]

1. Strong - Rugged Exterior Increases Life & Decreases Downtime

  • The rugged metal housing and recessed lens make the GL-R resistant to twisting, vibration, and even direct impact. Additionally, its high power (49'+ of range) and increased enclosure ratings (IP65/IP67) allow the GL-R to withstand the most demanding environments.

2. Simple Installation - Less Hardware, Less Wiring, Less Risk

  • A built-in controller and simplified wiring make the GL-R quick and easy to setup. A safety relay with quick disconnect cables is also available making it a complete system with the wiring done for you.

3. Smart - Intelligence You Can See

  • Full length indicators and digital display clearly show the real-time status of the machine guard curtain and expedite troubleshooting when necessary. Alignment assistance is also built-in to the curtain and will illuminate when the curtain is aligned.

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