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High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor GT2 Series

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[New] Ultra-Compact 39mm


First in class Dustproof, watertight, and oil-resistant (NEMA Type 13/IP67G)

The sensor head, including the connector and cable sections, complies with two standards
- NEMA Type 13 and IP67G. The sensor head can be mounted almost anywhere, even in environments with splashing water or oil.

NEMA Type 13
NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) specifies the classification and description of enclosures for electrical equipment. The classification is represented as the “Type”, and NEMA Type 13 is designed to provide a degree of protection against the ingress of oil.
IP67G represents the enclosure rating for electronic devices as defined by the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). IP67G represents “IP67” as defined by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) with “G” added for its oil resistance.

OVER 200 million cycles

Due to new high-strength linear ball bearings in the spindle, the detecting durability has been increased to over 200 million cycles.
This can greatly reduce maintenance costs and replacement efforts.

Linear ball bearing used



KEYENCE provides mounting brackets designed to prevent damage when horizontal force is applied to the spindle and when vertical force from the spindle indentation direction is applied to the sensor head. These brackets allow the GT2 Series to be used without fear of damage even in worst-case scenarios.

OP-88159 Mounting Bracket R + OP-77680 Roller contact, OP-88158 Mounting Bracket P, OP-88157 Mounting Bracket I / CONVENTIONAL, GT2 * OP-88159 PROBE SIDE PROTECTION TYPE Mounting Bracket R

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Select according to measuring distance

  • NEW Short type

    1mm Measuring range / 5mm Measuring range

  • Mid-length type

    12mm Measuring range / 12mm Measuring range

  • Long type

    32mm Measuring range / 50mm Measuring range

Select according to installation environment

  • Air push type

    • Components including guided cylinders and jigs are kept to a minimum.
    • Allows for reduced assembly and adjustment efforts.
  • Flange-mounting type
    (all-in-one model)

    • No position adjustment required during installation.
    • Rugged design eliminates the risk of sensor head damage even when clamped tightly.
  • Low stress
    (Measuring force: 0.1 N and up)

    • Measure without applying load to the target.

Download Catalogue


Download the catalogue for more details on
how this technology can be used in
your facility.

Download here.

SDK Introduction

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. It is a package that contains all the programs required to develop software. Even without using the dedicated software (model: GT2-H2, software name: GT-Monitor 2), it is possible to acquire the measurement values of the High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor GT2 Series through a USB Type Amplifier Unit GT2-UB1.

Examples of what can be done with the SDK

  1. 1. Run-out measurement

    Data can be acquired with a sampling cycle as short as 1 ms*1. For example, in shaft run-out inspections, it is possible to acquire data during 1 cycle of the shaft (360° of movement) within 1 second.

    *1 Using GT2-S1/S5, GT2-H**/A** as a sensor head.

    Intervals as short as 1 ms

  2. 2. Acquiring measurement values with your software

    Even when the data from various devices, such as temperature data and pressure data, is already loaded in proprietary software, using the SDK makes it possible to acquire the data of the GT2 Series with your customized software.

    Temperature data / Encoder pulse input / Pressure data / GT2 measurement value

First, download the catalogue for an overview of the sensor.

KEYENCE's specialised staff will provide you with the SDK files (library), so indicate that you require the SDK in the inquiry area on the form when downloading the catalogue.
If you require the SDK files immediately, contact your nearest KEYENCE office directly.

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