IM Series Instant Measurement System

Optical Comparator Inspection Made Easy

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KEYENCE's IM solves all of your part measurement applications with unmatched speed, consistency, and accuracy/repeatability.

• FAST - Measurements performed in seconds.

• CONSISTENT - Uniform measurements regardless of operator.

• EASY - Intuitive interface that anyone can use.

• FLEXIBLE - Easy data management. 

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IM Application Examples

Measure concentricity, parallelism, roundness, straightness, true position, full profile and more with unrivaled accuracy.

What is the IM Series?
The IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System is a digital optical comparator that performs dimensional inspection of targets through “place-and-press” measurement.
With the ability to measure up to 99 locations in just seconds, the IM Series greatly reduces both time spent measuring and labour costs. With other optical comparators and measuring microscopes, measurements vary depending on the skill of the operator. However, the IM Series’ advanced digital processing makes it possible to get reliable results no matter who carries out the measurement.