KEYENCE 3-Axis technology was the first of its kind to enable complex focal adjustments to be made on the fly during marking. Now with Auto-Focus, the MD-X Series 3-Axis laser marker can automatically adjust for variations in focus from one part to the next and ensures ease of use and superior quality.


Our built in camera makes it possible to perform automatic focusing without the use of any external devices. This is possible even when targets may not be placed at the exact same focal length from the laser and eliminating the need for external tooling. Additional production costs can be kept to a minimum while increasing efficiency and throughput.
*The built-in camera is used to monitor the focal distance using the laser pointer. Automatic focusing is performed by calculating the focal distance from the pointer position. This measurement may not be possible in some cases due to the material, shape, and surface of the workpiece.


High-precision marking can be performed over a 330 mm × 330 mm area. This area is 1.2 times larger than most conventional laser marking systems. Larger batches of parts can be marked in a single trigger by implementing a wide area, palletised marking system, greatly contributing to increased production throughput. 3-Axis control eliminates changes in character shape, distortion, and beam spot size variations, all of which are caused by the characteristics of conventional fθ lenses. Even at the edges of the area, perfectly focused marking and cutting with high accuracy is possible.


When creating fine marks that do not damage the surface of the target, de-focusing the laser intentionally is one technique that works very well on plastics, resins and metals. With conventional laser systems, the target is placed physically out of focus with no internal adjustments to the laser. This causes incorrect character placement and also marking distortion. Our 3-Axis systems can internally make these adjustments with a simple software setting therefore eliminating the need to make physical adjustments and internally processing the correct X/Y/Z offset to eliminate mis-marking and distortion.


The installation position of the marking head in relation to the target is important for accurate marking and processing. After the marking head is installed, the MD-X Series can easily correct marking head inclination along the x-, y-, and z-axis. This makes it possible to complete installation without having to rely on physical adjustments, which significantly reduces the installation cost. Because the adjustments are made in the software it is also easy to make fine adjustments or adjustments later in production if any mis-alignment errors have occurred.