High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer

  • 2D Measurement

    Measure single point and edge dimensions.  No need to position an object, outer diameter and angles can be measured instantaneously. 

    High Precision

    A high brightness LED and a double telecentric optical system ensure high precision performance.

    Inline Measurement

    Because of High-speed, it can be used for inline measurement.


MEASUREMENT GUIDE: 2 Dimensional Multi-Point Outer Diameter

MEASUREMENT GUIDE: 2 Dimensional Multi-Point Outer Diameter
  • [File type]PDF:1.01MB

TM-3000 Series High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer Catalogue

TM-3000 Series High-speed 2D Optical Micrometer Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:1.81MB

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