• GS- Safety Interlock Switch

  • Safety Interlock Switches

    • Safety and production at the core
    • Design with highly visible indicators 
    • Fast mounting with dedicated brackets
    • Easy integration by wiring reduction

  • Safety and production at the core

    The GS series has two types of design, the Locking and the Non-Contact types. 
    Both aim at prevent unintended access to hazardous areas and costly machine stoppage, by locking units during machine operation and triggering appropriate machine stoppage.

  • Design with highly visible indicators

    Easily recognize the open/close status of all access points with just a quick glance.
    With their large size, high brightness and angular cut, the GS Series built-in indicators can be seen from a distance and from multiple directions for instant status identification.

  • Fast mounting with dedicated brackets

    Both the locking type and the non-contact type can be directly mounted to a machine frame with their built-in mounting holes. Along with this, both types can be rotated to accommodate any door style.
    The GS Series provides a range of dedicated brackets that will fit a variety of machine setups.

  • Easy integration by wiring reduction

    Reduce wiring even further by integrating E-Stops into your safety interlock system.
    Specific GS models offer safety inputs that can be used to place E-Stops directly in series with the safety interlocks. This helps to further reduce wiring while maintaining safety.

  • Locking and Non-contact types

  • Highly visible indicators

  • Brackets for fast mounting

  • E-Stops integration

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