Photoelectric Sensor

  • Photoelectric Sensor - LRX Series
  • Our distance-based detection laser sensor:
    • STABLE DETECTION: regardless of shape, color or surface finish
    • EASY INTEGRATION: Ultra-compact and robust
    • SIMPLIFIED USE: indicator light and adjustment at the touch of a button

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  • New technology:

    Green Laser Technology produces a smaller, sharper spot reflection on the CMOS chip, unlike the red laser.

    The linear position sensor uses a custom CMOS chip to detect targets based on their position.

    This ensures stable target detection, regardless of color, surface finish or shape.

    The response time is only 500 μs.

    An ultra-compact CMOS digital laser sensor of: 9.4 x 27 x 17 mm.

    IP65/67: resistant to dust, debris and liquids

    The sensor fits easily into extremely small spaces.

    Easily understand the output status of the unit from any location with the 2 front and rear INDICATOR lights.

    Alerts users to impacts that may cause misalignment due to sensor rotation with the built-in impact alarm.


  • Presence/absence of shiny metal parts

  • Verification of the
    screw height
  • Orientation detection
  • Deformation detection

Learn more about the Photoelectric Sensor, LR-X Series.

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