• Vision Systems from KEYENCE
    Performance meets simplicity

    • New inspection algorithms to solve complex applications of appearance inspection.
    • Quick setup and long-term vision inspection are ensured.
    • High speed and high performance are ensured.
    • Free demonstration and test reports are available!
  • What is a vision system?

    Traditionally, inspections are done manually by users. With the need to reduce cycle time and to speed up production rates, many companies have introduced vision systems to capture images of targets with cameras and perform automatic 100% inspection of products.

  • CV-X Series Vision System

    This vision system has advanced algorithms and a wealth of functions to support almost any kind of inspections. More than 100 tools and functions are available.

  • Applications for Vision Systems

    Vision systems can be used to inspect the presence/absence, flaws, colors, character or object recognition and more, such as surface scanning, surface inspection, crack detection, contour detection and position control.

  • How does the CV-X system work?

    The CV-X is an innovative Keyence vision system that combines an industrial camera and high-intensity led lighting. With simple set-up and programming for a vision user of any skill level. Easy to use features include an automatic learning tool and an application specific operation manual generator.

Find out more about Vision Camera Inspection with this free download.


CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System Catalogue

CV-X Series Intuitive Vision System Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:13.62MB

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