• Laser Barcode Scanners

    • Scan barcodes from varying distances due to large depth of field
    • Easily integrates into existing operations with built-in Ethernet 
    • Full lineup of fixed-mount and handheld scanners available
  • Unmatched Performance

    Performance requirements are ever-changing. For example, in the automotive industry, the ability to read laser barcode marked on metal from long ranges is necessary. In food and pharmaceutical industries, it is necessary to easily read codes from goods moving at high speeds on a conveyor. In logistics, the ability to reliably read boxes of differing heights and widths is essential.

    KEYENCE has the capability to meet all of these demands.

  • High-Level Visibility

    A superior laser code reader is essential to achieving site-wide visibility. Companies that have realized this are starting to introduce barcode reading solutions throughout their facilities to gain a strong competitive edge.

    At KEYENCE, we offer the most suitable laser code readers for various sites and applications, whether automated or semi-automated, to help build stable data acquisition systems.

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