• Inventory Barcode Scanner

    • Superior Scanning Range from 1inch up to 30ft
    • Large 5-inch screen
    • Intuitive one-hand operation
    • Excellent Battery Life: 32 hours
  • Long Range Reading

    This full-range scanner is able to read codes from a minimum distance of 1inch up to 30ft.This means that users can reliably capture codes not only when stationary, but also when they are in motion.

  • Read characters and dates (OCR)

    This scanner has OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition), which allows it to read different characters regardless of font, position, or inclination of the characters.

  • One-hand operation for higher work efficiency

    • This inventory barcode scanner combines the powerful functions of common models in a simple form
    • Thanks to the ergonomic device design, the scanner is easy to align, easy to use, and offers a large display to improve your work efficiency
    • This enables logistics processes to be optimized and errors to be avoided.
  • Ergonomic handle

  • Protective device

  • Cylinder battery with 32 hours of running time

  • Full-range camera with powerful LED and laser aiming device

Download the brochure and find out more about KEYENCE's Inventory Barcode Scanner


BT-A700 Series Handheld Computer Catalogue

BT-A700 Series Handheld Computer Catalogue
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