• Image Based Laser Sensor

    • Identify the position of the target, inspect the right spot, every time!
    • New Drive Scan System allows for inspection of a part, even if it moves within the field of view!
    • Avoid complicated setup and calculations, all with a single sensor. 
    • The IX-series height sensor checks the height difference between two points with a single tool! No complex setups or calculations required. 
    • Position adjustment function means height detection can be done no matter the orientation of the part. 
    • With the tilt correction function, the IX-series height sensor will provide exact measurement regardless of the tilt of the target or sensor head. 
  • The IX Series adapts to your application, reducing installation time and cost.

Learn more about how KEYENCE Image Based Sensor can improve production at your facility!


IX Series Image-Based Laser Sensor Catalogue

IX Series Image-Based Laser Sensor Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:6.11MB

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