Observing PCBs

Devices with PCBs are now designed to be smaller, thinner and have higher functionality than ever before. This makes the manufacturing process more sophisticated and make its more difficult to perform quality checks.

Topics Covered:

  • Types of printed boards
  • How to mount on PCBs
  • Basics of soldering
  • Types of soldering defects

Our digital microscope is a popular solution, especially when trying to observe defects, irregular surfaces and with 3D measurements. 

It can: 

  • Capture fully focused images with large depth of field in seconds
  • Perform multi-angle observation
  • Perform advanced 2D/3D measurements 

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Ultra-High Accuracy 4K Digital Microscope Observation Examples [Printed circuit board]

Ultra-High Accuracy 4K Digital Microscope Observation Examples [Printed circuit board]
  • [File type]PDF:2.92MB

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