• Digital Optical Comparator

    • Measure up to 300 dimensions in seconds
    • Place & Press Operation with One Button 
    • Eliminate Operator Error
    • Automatic Data Recording & Inspection Report 
  • What is the Instant Measurement Device?

    This system is designed to help drastically reduce inspection times compared to conventional optical comparators. Measure 300 dimensions on up to 100 parts in seconds with +/-2μm microns repeatability. 

  • Why Upgrade your Optical Comparator?

    Optical Comparators are slow, inconsistent results, and complicated to operate. The Instant Measurement System is fast, provides accurate results, and easy to operate. Its automatic edge detection software ensures zero subjectivity from all operators regardless of their inspection experience.

  • Precision Pressed Parts

  • Precision Moulded Parts

  • Springs & Turned Parts

  • Mounted Parts

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