Comparing Flow Meters

  • Non-Contact Flow Meter

    • No Pipe Modification Required
    • No Production Downtime During Installation
    • No Risk of Contamination, Leaks, or Pressure Loss
    • Built-in Predictive Maintenance

  • Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

    • Pipe Modification Required
    • Downtime Required During Installation
    • Not Ideal for Viscous Application (Pipe Clogs)
    • Frequent Calibration Checks Needed

  • Why Choose Our Non-Contact Flow Meter

    A Non-Contact Flow Meter clamps directly to the outside of any pipe, to monitor the flow of any liquid. Since this flow switch clamps to the outside of a pipe, there is no extra costs, downtime, or contamination during installation.

  • What Kind Of Pipes & Application?

    Compatible pipe materials include stainless steel, iron, copper, PVC, Plastic, and more. Several models available for 1/8 – 8 inch pipes. Monitors the flow of water, oil, chemicals, slurry and more.

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FD-X Series Clamp-on Micro Flow Sensor Catalogue

FD-X Series Clamp-on Micro Flow Sensor Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:4.9MB

FD-R Series Clamp-on Flow Meter Catalogue

FD-R Series Clamp-on Flow Meter Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:4.2MB

FD-Q Series Clamp-on Flow Sensor Catalogue

FD-Q Series Clamp-on Flow Sensor Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:3.19MB

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