• KEYENCE Barcode Readers

    • Industry leading readability
    • Easy to implement
    • Full traceability solutions
    • Offering Onsite consultation and demonstration
  • What separates the SR from conventional barcode readers?

    With just the push of a button, automatic focus, tuning and polarization are utilized to achieve a seamless read every time.

  • Barcode reading attachments include:

    • High resolution lens: can read extremely small codes on mirrored surfaces 
    • Reflector attachment: creates same effect as external lighting 
    • Adjustable bracket: allows the reader to be mounted in any position

  • Automatic setting of exposure time, filters and more!

    The code reader automatically optimizes the exposure time, image processing filter and other parameters according to the target and mounting distance.

  • Common Applications:

    • Automotive & metalworking: Crankshaft/camshaft inspection 
    • Electronics: Lead frame bonding & IC chip inspection 
    • Food, medical, and packaging: Food packaging variety inspection & medicinal packaging traceability

  • The data edit function: Extract specific characters to pull correlating data

  • World’s first automatic polarization control: Eliminates glare and allows flexible mounting

  • Read multiple codes at once!

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