• Laser Engraving

    High-power 3-Axis fiber laser technology provides major reductions in marking time.  

    The compact size and rugged construction ensure that the laser marker can be installed in any environment.

    In addition to the 30 W model, a 50 W model with best-in-class output has been added to our lineup. High-power fiber laser technology leads to remarkable improvements in marking time, production efficiency, and quality.


    With conventional models, single lines were overlapped, and energy was lost as the laser beam moved back and forth. With Wobble control, the laser moves in a circular pattern to create a thick character and keep the energy concentrated. Increasing the heat storage effect allows black-annealed marking to be easily performed.


    Because of a fixed focal point in conventional models, as the target is engraved, the surface being processed gradually moves further away from the focal point, making it impossible to apply sufficient energy. With deep-engraving control, the focal distance is changed after each pass, allowing for processing with maximum energy density at all times.


    The conventional method of moving back and forth across the cut width makes it difficult to keep the energy concentrated. Energy loss occurs in proportion to the cut width. With Scratch control, processing is done by moving the laser beam back and forth across a shorter distance. This makes it possible to focus the energy, which leads to improvements in processing time.


MD-F Series 3-Axis Fibre Laser Marker Catalogue

MD-F Series 3-Axis Fibre Laser Marker Catalogue
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