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High-Precision Electrostatic Sensor: SK Series

Why is it important to measre humidity and static electricity?

  • Relationship between static electricity and humidity
    Static electricity and humidity are correlated: when humidity exceeds 60% RH, static charge is less likely to accumulate. Even during wintertime, when static charges can build up easily due to colder, drier air, static-related problems can be prevented by maintaining a constant level of humidity around target workpieces.
  • Humidity can vary in the same room depending on the location  
    Since humidity changes with temperature, humidity can vary in a room depending on the location. Temperature is relatively high around manufacturing systems, which tends to produce lower humidity.

Hand-held type SK-H050 - Ideal for spot measurements as needed!

Hand-held type SK-050/1000 - Ideal for continuous measurements!

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SK Series High-precision Electrostatic Sensor Catalogue

SK Series High-precision Electrostatic Sensor Catalogue

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