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Newsletter 2021

03 mars 2021

Subject :

Are you using the right solutions?

Increase Machine Operation
Machine operation times directly affect production volume. Increasing operation times by faster quality control checks, instantly improves volume. Implement an instant place-and-press measurement system today and see your production volumes increase tomorrow.
Incredibly Stable Position-Based Sensor
The LR-T provides reliable detection with its position-based technology. Setup is simple and applications are versatile.
Laser Marking Lineup
We would like to introduce the next generation laser markers, which solves marking blur and misalignment. Using the newly installed automatic correction function, you can measure the distance to the product and adjust the marking position. Click to learn more.
Having Trouble with Inspections after Coating Processes?
Use this guide to learn the advantages of laser displacement sensors. This sensor enables 100% inspection of coating materials with high precision & high speeds. This is a great solution for fast production processes.
Solve your Inspection Problems with a Single Light
Do you experience failed inspection problems due to position of the targets, ambient light, or similar colour. We developed a system that allows you to have stable inspection with just One Light! See more in the technical guide.
Using Microscopes in Manufacturing
Our digital microscopes are used in R&D and Quality Control for a variety of industries. This system is capable of capturing high-resolution images with SEM-like quality, in seconds. Take advantage of high-resolution images and fully automatic XYZ operation with the VHX Digital Microscope!
Advantages of Traceability in the your Industry
Whether you’re considering introducing a traceability system or looking to improve your current system, KEYENCE offers total-solution systems to suit a wide variety of needs.
Measurement Examples using a Vision Sensor
The AI-powered IV2 Series offers unprecedented detection stability. This collection of the latest application examples highlight how AI can significantly improve presence detection and differentiation in your industry.
Robust Safety Light Curtains
Are you looking for a highly durable Safety Light Curtain that is resistant to dirt, perfect in harsh environments and has an easy optical axis alignment? Click the guide to learn more about the smart technology.