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Newsletter 2020

18 juin 2020

Subject :

Find the Best Solutions for Inspection Here!

Software Update: Optical Inspection System
Our Next Generation, Optical Inspection system is more useful than ever before after a long-awaited software update. Click to learn more about the new, added capability.
Long-Range All Purpose Sensor
Top 3 issues faced by sensor users are misalignment, misdetection of reflective or transparent object and influence from environment. Download the brochure to find out a few ways to stop all of these from happening.
Laser Marking Lineup
We offer a wide range of laser marking products that can be used on just about any material and part geometry. Check out this guide to learn about how laser markers can save you time and money!
Taking Inline Inspection to New Heights
With dynamic imaging capabilities, simplified setup, and a range of sensor and controller options, this laser profiler is taking process improvement to a whole new level.
4-in-1 Fully Automatic Digital Microscope
This digital microscope combines the capabilities of 4 major microscopes into 1 system. Users are now able to fully automate the system, allowing them to capture high quality images in seconds. Download the guide to learn more.
Complete Guide to Barcode Reading Solutions
This guide contains product information as well as industry examples where barcode reading is commonly used. KEYENCE works directly with you to provide you the best code reading solution.
Selecting Your First Vision System
Vision Systems utilize a variety of cameras, lensing, and lighting, but each combination is tailored for your application. This guide provides tips to help select the correct vision system.
Solving the 6 Major Vision Sensor Problems
The IV2 Series with built in AI eliminates key problems with vision sensors: Changes in ambient light, unrepeatable part presence, & low contrast part detection Download the brochure to learn more!
Highly Reliable Safety Light Curtain
This safety light curtain is highly durable and resistant to impacts despite its compact size, high-powered and resistant to dirt, for use in harsh environments, and easy optical-axis alignment with setup software and laser alignment tool.