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Newsletter 2020

21 mai 2020

Subject :

How to Reduce Inspection Time and Improve Product Quality

Must-Read: Application Examples
We've compiled a collection of Digital Shadow Graph applications, grouped by industry. A must-read for anyone making metal or plastic components, especially where accuracy is key!
Solution for Non-Contact Thickness Measurement
To obtain accurate thickness measurements it is key to ensure both optical axes are aligned. By implementing this sensor in process, you will obtain accurate and stable results with ease.
Why Do People Choose our Vision System?
The automation of visual inspections is progressing quickly. Conventional vision systems are limited in their ability to handle subtle colour changes and inspection conditions. This guide highlights a variety of inspection methods that can be performed with just one light!
Digital Microscopes Application Examples
This guide details examples of unique and uncommon Digital Microscope applications, like observing residual stress in a plastic part. See page 4 of the guide to learn more.
Popular Trends for 2D Code Marking
In recent years, the popular solution for managing inventory is with 2D code-based traceability system. Learn how 2D codes can hold 100 times more information than a barcode.
Problem Solved! Superior Safety Scanning
With Conventional Scanners, it is difficult to monitor the scanner's status while the machine is operating. The solution is to implement a scanner with a detachable display unit. Click this guide to learn more.
Micro flow sensor we have been waiting for Vol.3
This flow sensor can be used in a wide variety of applications like checking dispensing, spraying, coolant, & lubricant flow. Click on this guide to learn the zero risks associated with installation.
Improvement Examples with Code Readers
Take advantage of tips for reducing labor and improving efficiency in food, medicine, and cosmetics industry processes!
Vision Sensor Problems Solved with Height-based Difference Checks
This vision sensor uses the latest laser scanning technology to check for height measurement on any target even if target is misaligned. An operation that was difficult with conventional vision sensors. This guide contains examples of these difference checks.