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Newsletter 2020

26 février 2020

Subject :

Improving Productivity throughout your Process

The Next Era of Digital Microscopy
Equipped with an Optical Shadow Effect mode, this digital microscope is capable of visualizing micron level defects at low magnification, allowing for fast, easy inspection. This system offers a full 4K display, with 108-megapixel imaging and can even be fully automated. Download this guide for industry specific examples.
Have You Heard About a More Stable Vision System?
KEYENCE has released a vision system that uses a brand-new image capture method. This mode makes it possible to stably detect the appearance of low-contrast and translucent targets. This guide proposes methods that are even more stable than conventional inspections. Download the guide for industry specific application.
Improve Your Operation with Code Scanners
Are you looking for a mix prevention solution? KEYENCE provides a complete turnkey solution for traceability, from laser marking to barcode reading. Download this guide to learn the new standard for code scanning.
Do you want a Laser Marker with a Built-in-Camera?
Our all-in-one laser marker has many unique features, such as:
1. Ability to measure the distance to the marking target
2. Inspect the marked characters
3. Confirm the marked codes using 2D code reading

Download the guide to learn more.
Micron-Level CAD Comparisons in Just 3 Seconds
Instant comparisons with CAD data helps to ensure product quality. By importing CAD files into the IM Series, users can obtain micron-level comparisons of products to CAD in as little as 3 seconds. This guide answers 20 common questions asked about our IM Series, download the guide to learn more.
Safeguarding Machinery with Light Curtains
This is the most reliable light curtain that provides edge-to-edge protection, unique wiring options and durable housing. It is IP65/IP67 rated and can operate in the harshest manufacturing environments. Download this technical guide to learn more.
Non-contact Sheet/Steel Material Thickness Measurement!
When taking thickness measurements from both sides of the target, alignment of both optical axes is critical for achieving high-accuracy measurement. With this sensor, anyone can manage precise optical-axis alignment function. Download the guide for more information.
A Pressure Sensor That Supports a Wide Variety of Fluids
Do you want to measure the pressure of oil, water, or misty air? This sensor supports a wide variety of fluids at pressures up to 40 MPa. In addition, it is clog resistant and can be cleaned without disassembly. Download the brochure to learn more.
A Sensor that Solves a Variety of Detection Problems
KEYENCE has released our latest sensors that combines both image base and laser base technology. These sensors can perform height checks, enabling stable detection even when there is slight variation to targets due to color or material. Download this guide for example applications.