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Newsletter 2020

15 janvier 2020

Subject :

[NEW] Equipment Making the Complex Simple

[New Product] Now on Sale: VHX-7000 4K Microscope
This microscope enables observation and imaging with a high resolution that rivals that of an SEM. This is the debut of the world's first 4K microscope. See page 2 of the guide for automatic area measurement examples.
Examining the Trends of 2D Codes on Products
This guidebook covers key information around marking, reading, and data management using laser markers, as well as details on integrating traceability with laser markers and barcode readers. See page 6 of the guide for more information.
Just Place and Press: Non-Contact Measurement
The IM Series offers non-contact measurement using images, with place-and-press simplicity. Take advantage of the highly accurate measurements in comparison to the micrometer for a wide variety of shapes and materials.
How-To: Effectively use 2D Codes
Barcode readers play a vital part in various industrial processes. The benefits of this barcode reader is that it is capable of reading multiple codes on the fly at a long distance and over a large area. See page 2 of the guide to learn how this barcode can read codes through glass.
A Simple and Reliable Sensor Solution
This sensor has a high-powered, precise, amplifier combined with a variety of flexible and compact fiber heads to tackle all sensing needs. See page 4 on application examples.
Selecting the right Vision Camera
When choosing a vision inspection system there are many different camera, lighting, and controller options. This guide provides tips and tricks to ensure you select the system that is right for you. Page 6 of the guidebook shows how to select the right lens.
Making Sensing Easy
This laser sensor has a high-speed sampling of 80us, which enables it to detect parts moving at a high speed.
This sensor also has a maintenance function that enables it to adjust itself automatically once the sensor head becomes dirty.
Page 7 of the guide demonstrates the different options available depending on the application.
Low Flow Monitoring + Clamp-On Design for Various Applications
Micro Flow Sensor FD-X Series
This product can support applications in a wide range of manufacturing worksites.
1. Checking dispensing/filling amounts without contacting the liquid
2. Checking spraying/coating amounts without causing drops in pressure
3. Checking cooling/mold release amounts with easy installation
4. Checking the flow amount of lubricant with no downtime needed for installation
Non-Contact Measurement
This guide gives reasons why people switched from Hand Calipers and Micrometers to Non-Contact Measurement devices. See page 7 of the guide for non-destructive measurement examples.