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Newsletter 2020

02 janvier 2020

Subject :

New Year! New Complimentary Know-How Guides for your Application Needs

High quality direct part marking is delivered with laser markers
This laser marker has a built-in, multi-function camera. Learn how to perform high quality marking, prevent code reading failures, and the advantages of marking products with 2D codes in this technical guide.
Introducing the Next-generation Presence/Absence Discrimination Sensor
These sensors combine the latest vison sensors and lasers technology. Click on the guide to learn how our sensors compared with conventional sensors.
All Purpose Color Sensor - LR-W
This Full- Spectrum sensor features unmatched detecting capabilities that allows it to complete the simplest to the most complex applications with ease.
What Inspection Solution is best? The answer is here!
There are limits to human inspection in finding foreign matter, dirt, scratches, and chips on manufactured parts. To ensure both quality and production efficiency of your products see the technical guide.
Traceability Solutions for Automotive and Parts Suppliers
The key to a successful traceability system is determining specifications that consider both the marking and reading of codes. We can provide comprehensive suggestions that cover both of these areas.
A Manufacturing Proposal for "High Quality and Quick Inspection
Do you want a shop floor measurement machine? The IM Series can make that wish come true! Now you can achieve micron-level measurement, in 3 seconds, without fixturing! Just place and press measure!
Reasons to switch from Hand Calipers and Micrometers
This non-contact measurement sensor is capable of simultaneously measuring multiple locations on the fly. Learn how to measure moving targets without a blur in this technical guide.
How to get the most from a Digital Microscope
With this system, users can quickly inspect their components and perform 2D/3D measurements. See how our digital microscope allows any user to capture high-resolution images at the push of a button.
What's Safeguarding Your Machine
Learn how safety scanners can prevent hazards occurring from foreign objects or operators in dangerous zones. This scanner allows for versatile mounting, coupled with user-defined protection creating warning zones to cover those locations. Read this guide to learn more!