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          Newsletter 2019

          23 octobre 2019

          Subject :

          How Stabilize your Inspection Process

          Improving Productivity Using Barcode Readers
          Learn how to stabilize codes on moving targets, determine the optimal exposure time for code cell size, and installation distance, See page 4 of the guide to learn all these plus more!
          Safety First When You use a Laser Marker
          Before you start using a laser marker, read this guide to get a general understanding of the steps you should take to prevent accidents.
          [New Product] 3D Measurement System Comparisons
          This guide explains how our non-contact 3D measurement system compares to a stylus profiler. Comparing based on the four key points in measurement work shown below.
          1. Measurement method
          2. Stability
          3. Applications
          4. Versatility
          [Solve] Previously Unsolvable Inspection Problems with a vision System
          Learn about expert vision system techniques that bring out the surprising detection capabilities of vision systems!
          This guide shows different application examples using a camera. For example, learn how to inspect the entire surface of cylindrical targets with one camera. More information in the guide books!
          The Next Generation, Now on Sale: KEYENCE's Microscopes are used by over 20000 Companies Around the World!
          This microscope enables observation and imaging with high resolution rivaling that of an SEM. This is the debut of the world's first 4K microscope.
          2D Measurement Systems for Inline Inspections
          Use this guide to learn how 2D measurement systems can help you improve the automation of your production lines.
          Cut Your Changeover Time in Half!
          With the IM Series, just place and press to measure dimensions in an instant. This digital optical comparator reduces the time you spend performing bothersome changeovers and increases the operating time of your production equipment.
          Safeguarding Machinery with Light Curtains
          Most reliable light curtain that provides edge-to-edge protection, unique wiring options and durable housing. It is IP65/IP67 rated and can operate in the harshest manufacturing environments.
          Countermeasures against Electrostatic Damage
          KEYENCE's lineup of static eliminators-the largest in the industry-contains airless, long range, and spot types. This lineup enables easy elimination of static electricity, no matter the location. See page 2 of the guide for problems caused by static electricity.

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          Découvrez toutes les nouveautés en matière de capteurs, de systèmes de vision, d'instruments de mesure, de marqueurs laser et de microscopes.

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