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          Newsletter 2019

          25 septembre 2019

          Subject :

          Browse through to find a new improvement project!

          [New] Liquid Flow Sensor
          Measure the Liquid Flow without Contamination & Pipe Modifications
          [New] The Debut of the IM-7500
          This product is equipped with new functions that can make program mode and run mode more efficient. Reductions in inspection time can help to reduce expenses and product costs.
          New! Laser Marker Applications
          Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Edition
          NEW Laser Marking applications to keep up with the economic change. Here is a technical guide highlighting how laser markers are utilized in the automotive industry.
          Logistics Improvements Using Code Readers
          Learn how to read cardboard boxes with different heights and sizes, improve traceability, and reduce errors. Click the guide for more information.
          A Compilation of the Latest Digital Microscope Observation and Application Examples from 12 Industries
          This guide introduces the latest observation and application examples from 12 industries including the automotive, electrical/electronic, and food industries. Use this guide to check out examples and improvement strategies in various industries.
          Efficient Ways to Eliminate Static Electricity
          Do you have problems at your worksite due to static electricity? Check out our guide to learn about efficient ways of eliminating static electricity with our bar, blower or spot type devices.
          20 Successful Applications with Vision Systems
          This document explains 20 successful applications using the vision system in different industries. Do not hesitate to browse through the guide for more information.
          One System - Multiple Measurement System Capabilities
          Using different measurement systems for each application is now a thing of the past!
          With the VR-5000, you can consolidate the operations of multiple measurement systems in just one device.
          On top of this, the VR-5000 has a high resolution of 0.1 μm and can be operated with ease. Click below to learn more!
          Ultra-Compact Displacement Laser
          KEYENCE developed a system to measure a variety of materials and shapes with high accuracy. This guide is a must-see for anyone who wants to increase the reliability of their quality inspections.

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          Découvrez toutes les nouveautés en matière de capteurs, de systèmes de vision, d'instruments de mesure, de marqueurs laser et de microscopes.

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