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          Newsletter 2019

          11 septembre 2019

          Subject :

          What is triggering your safety scanner?

          What is triggering your safety scanner?
          Have you ever wondered what triggered your safety scanners? With our scanners, eliminate any uncertainty. You or your team will no longer say: "detected something" but will say "detected this" ... click below to learn why.
          Digital Microscopes Application Examples
          This guide highlights detailed examples of unique and uncommon Digital Microscope applications, like observing residual stress in a plastic part. See page 4 of the guide to learn more.
          Adding Value with Code Readers
          Do you have issues with your code readers? Learn how to reduce cycle time, increase productivity, and reduce equipment cost with this system.
          Optical Comparator with a Wide Stage
          A wide stage (300 mm × 200 mm) is now available for the IM Series. This enables fast, accurate dimensional measurement at the push of a button, even on large components. Additionally the larger stage allows even more small components to be loaded for rapid batch analysis.
          [Successful Resin Marking & Processing Applications]
          Looking to mark directly on your part without paying consumable costs? Laser marking is your best solution! Learn about marking/processing on resin and plastic products found in this guidebook.
          Increased Quality through Improved Welding Processes
          We often receive requests for consultation regarding pre & post process welding inspection. This guide introduces ways to improve your welding process using our laser scanners.
          Just Place the Sample on the Stage
          With conventional stylus profilers, it was necessary to set conditions, adjust the way the sample is placed, and perform other cumbersome preparation. This system allows for easy operation by simply placing the sample on the stage. This is the optimal instrument for anyone who wants to save time or is worried about the operating skill and varying from one user to another.
          [New Product] Have You Heard About a More Stable Vision System?
          KEYENCE has released a vision system that uses a brand-new image capture method. Contour capture mode makes it possible to stably detect the appearance of low-contrast and translucent targets. This guide proposes methods that are even more stable than conventional inspections.
          Contact Sensor Application Examples
          Stable displacement measurements are possible with a low-cost contact sensor!
          1. Target height detection
          2. Device position detection
          3. Installation in compact spaces
          See this guide for typical examples of workplace improvement.

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          Découvrez toutes les nouveautés en matière de capteurs, de systèmes de vision, d'instruments de mesure, de marqueurs laser et de microscopes.

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