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          Newsletter 2019

          04 juin 2019

          Subject :

          Repeatable Detection No Matter Your Target

          Why Our Customers Switched from Optical to Digital Microscopes
          Our digital microscope is used in various industries thanks to its many advanced features like depth composition, automatic area measurement, and multi-lighting. Download this guide to learn why customers are switching from optical microscopes to digital microscopes.
          ***NEW: OCR function available*** You Need This Sensor!
          The IV Series vision sensor is an all-in-one solution that lets you perform various detections, including presence, shape, color and diameter detection.
          How to effectively automate distribution centers ?
          Barcode readers can eliminate manual operation and increase throughput. Click here to learn about the implementation process and its benefits.
          Simplify Traceability with our Laser Markers
          This guide introduces full traceability systems using laser markers. It includes marking codes on parts, reading codes, managing information and more. Learn how to implement traceability systems at your facility.
          Instantaneous Measurement of Metal Parts
          Increase your manufacturing efficiency by reducing test times. With our digital measurement system, any employee can now quickly and easily carry out dimensional accuracy tests.
          Clamp-on Flow Sensors: No Pipe Modification Required!
          ·Easy to install without cutting pipes
          ·Compatible with countless flow setups
          ·Zero risk for clogging, leaking, and contamination
          A Must-See Guide of Inspection Applications
          EVs are increasing in popularity. This guide showcases the inspections and measurements that are vital for manufacturing key parts of electric cars.
          Stable Inspection with Highly Functional Lighting Designed for Vision Systems!
          This Multi-Spectrum lighting offers advanced inspection capabilities, on slight colour differences, shiny target surfaces, and in harsh environments. Click on the button below for more application examples.
          Looking for a laser solution? Look no further... this laser is popular because its low cost, is capable of differentiating between coloured parts and the set-up is simple.
          The Highest Static Elimination Capacity in the Industry
          Our static eliminator offers high-speed static elimination and high-precision ion balance over a wide range of applications. Download this catalog to choose the static elimination method that is right for your application and mounting location.
          Are you having issues with safety area scanners?
          Common Issues: Conventional area scanners require a laptop to see the set zone map and determining what triggered the area scanner is difficult.
          Solution: All models of our area scanners have LCD display to see the zone set. This display is detachable for remote mounting. Capable of capturing pictures and videos.
          A Collection of Application Examples in Analyzing 3D Surfaces, Measurement Time of Just 1 Second
          Often, selecting the right measuring system for your application is a big challenge. This Technical Guide helps you. .

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