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          Bulletins d'information 2018

          06 novembre 2018

          Subject :

          Finally!! New and Innovative ways to inspect

          [NEW] Standard for Safety Laser Scanner
          1. Detachable Display Unit
          2. Built in screen with zone set MAP! No more laptop needed!
          3. Real time video to see detection status
          4. Supports PROFIsafe / PROFINET
          Electric Vehicle Industry Application Guide
          KEYENCE products are being used in a wide variety of applications across all manufacturing processes.
          This is an application guide focusing on motor parts, however applicable for all industries.
          Marking and Processing Metal with Laser Markers
          Are you looking to permanently mark your metal parts while maintaining low running costs? Download this brochure to see how laser markers can provide a value-added solution!
          The [Optimal] Device for Height Measurements
          Looking to perform for height inspections in-process? KEYENCE LJ-V Series has you covered.
          ·Automatic tilt/angle correction
          ·High-speed sampling

          Click the guide below to learn more.
          Things to consider for Roughness Gauges and Profile Measurement Systems
          ·Are complicated adjustments required?
          ·Is it difficult to measure the targeted location?

          Learn how the VR Series can easily perform non-contact roughness measurements, providing highly repeatable results!
          Simultaneously Measure the Dimensions of your Products
          ·Reduce inspection time: obtain 99 measurements in 3-5 seconds
          ·Uniform measurements regardless of the operator
          ·100% inspection is impossible when measuring one target at a time
          Key Points for Lowering Costs with Image Processing
          Lean how image processing can lower your manufacturing cost. Reduce Inspection time while increasing the quality of your inspection. Download this guide to learn what Machine Vision System Users are saying!
          Microscope Technical Guide: Lens Technology
          What makes a microscope lens special? This guide offers in-depth knowledge about lenses, with a detailed explanation of their structure. Learn more below.
          **KAIZEN** Case Studies on Code Readers
          This collection of barcode reader applications offers hints for improving the efficiency of your worksite while reducing its labor requirements.

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